Amelia Weaver


NHS Doctor / UKRO Trauma Lead & Assessor Extrication Medical Assessor


 I am an Emergency Medicine Doctor specialising in Pre-Hospital Care and Trauma. I am currently the Trauma Lead for UKRO. Within the spare time I have I am also an operational member of West Midlands CARE Team (BASICs), and regularly lecture on Pre-Hospital Care to multi-disciplinary teams. I joined UKRO as an Interior Assessor for extrication back in 2007 and now sit on the UKRO committee as the Lead Assessor for Trauma. Within my UKRO role I have a strong input into both aspects of Trauma & Extrication. As Lead Assessor of Trauma I manage a multi-disciplinary team of assessors with a vast skill base and knowledge of many aspects of Pre-Hospital care and some are also dual qualified in other UKRO assessing disciplines. I can be approached via email for new ideas, feedback and general questions

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