Education holding

Extrication (All compulsory – Led by Gareth Lloyd, Adrian Richardson and Grant Smith):
Electric Vehicles – Delivered by BMW Vehicle Engineers, using the latest BMW I Series vehicles. This forty-five (45) minute duration workshop will replicate the management of an incident involving an intrusion lodged within a ‘live’ battery pack (Worst Case Scenario). The content will include:
·         How to recognise Electric Vehicles and the hazards posed by them,
·         Isolation techniques,
·         Management of Electric Vehicles submerged in water, and
·         Management of Electric Vehicle in fire situations.

Separately Charged – These Education Workshops will be fully Quality Management System (QMS) compliant:
Heavy Rescue – This hour duration workshop will consist of working systematically through a heavy rescue scenario, using a functioning Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) with either a car under the side or rear of the vehicle. The content will include:
·         Air Brake Systems/Management,
·         Vehicle Suspension Systems/Safety Cells,
·         Cab Stabilisation,
·         Planning Lifts,
·         The use of new and specific Heavy Rescue Equipment, and
·         Understanding the need for Secondary Lift Plans.

Rescue Techniques – This forty-five (45) minute duration workshop will provide a unique opportunity for attendees to experience carrying out extrication techniques on current production vehicles. The content will include:
·         Using the latest hydraulic and electric powered extrication equipment,
·         Dispelling myths associated with the use of specific rescue equipment on New Vehicle Technology (NVT) and Body Materials,
·         Experience the challenges associated with undertaking rescues from current production vehicles, and
·         Familiarisation with new techniques and tips to overcome issues with traditional extrication techniques.

Note: The above Education Workshop will be undertaken using new vehicles from Ford, all with High Tensile Strength Steels.

Anticipated Delivery – Heavy Rescue (Thursday and Friday), Electric Vehicles and Rescue Techniques (Thursday-Saturday).

Medical (Voluntary but Highly Recommended – Led by Clare Langshaw):
This ‘Overall Medical’ Education Workshop will be available for all Rescue Team Medics (And Second Medic), irrespective of the Rescue Challenge/Discipline they are competing in. Initially aiming at four (4) sessions in total, each session will consist of one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes of input, with ideally up to twenty (20) persons per session.

The intention with this session is to deliver a ‘back to basics’ primary survey and treatment options, for first responders of all levels. The content will include an overview of the assessment and treatment of:
·         Catastrophic Haemorrhage,
·         Airway,
·         Cervical Spine,
·         Breathing, and
·         Circulation.

Anticipated Delivery – Thursday and possibly Friday.

Rope (All compulsory – Led by Nick Croudace’s Rope Rescue Discipline Team):
Two (2) thirty (30)-forty-five minute (45) sessions, delivered between ‘Run-Off’s’ and throughout the Rope Rescue Challenge. These sessions will be delivered by external providers, using an agreed sponsorship package (Bronze Level anticipated) via Hampshire FRS.

DMM – A destructive pull test demonstration on Working at Height (W@H) equipment.

R3 Safety & Rescue – Demonstration of Artificial Deviation rigs such as bi-pods, sideways A-frame and gin poles and associated loadings and forces with load cell equipment.

Trauma (Compulsory – Led by Phil Keating):
C to E – Systematic Assessment and Treatment. These two (2) hours sessions will be a detailed expansion upon the ‘Overall Medical’ Education Workshop, focussing upon ‘basic things, done well; always’, designed to develop a ‘basic’ FRS medic to the expected Trauma Rescue Challenge ‘standard’.