Team West Midlands Trauma A

West Midlands A, comprising Firefighters Ben Behan and Paul Duxbury both form Highgate Blue Watch in West Midlands.


We’ve been watch colleagues for over 4 years and together as a team for 18 months.

We’re motivated to improve our skills, keep learning and deliver the best care to the public at operational incidents.  Competition environments put you under pressure (not least the pressure from knowing the stick your colleagues will give you if you perform badly) but it’s like the old adage “train hard, fight easy”.   Competitions makes you better operationally.  We firmly believe that all firefighters should give these competitions a go at some point in their careers, it really brings on your skills and allows you to compare, contrast and learn from firefighters in different brigades and different countries.

We competed together at the 2015 UKRO Challenge placing 3rd and will be competing at the World Rescue Challenge in October.




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