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2021 Education Workshops

In addition to the learning opportunities afforded by the five Rescue Challenges, the 2021 National Challenge will provide a comprehensive suite of Education Workshops and training events. With Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) and emergency service partner organisations constantly striving to improve efficiency, performance and deliver value for money, an investment to attend, participate and/or compete at the 2019 National Challenge adds even more value. A number of the UKRO delivered Education Workshops will be available to non-competitors, allowing interested individuals, personnel from training departments, etc. to attend singularly, receive the latest information and guidance, and then cascade such throughout their own organisations. The price of each UKRO delivered Education Workshop, also available to non-competitors, has been detailed below, while a copy of each Lesson Plan has been provided or will be available soon (Note: Lesson plans for the Education Workshops forming part of a Rescue Challenge only will not be uploaded):

• Medical = £50 plus VAT. • Trauma Challenge – Airway Management = £50 plus VAT. • Extrication Rescue Discipline: o Internal Space Creation = £50 plus VAT. o New Materials and Alternative Fuels = £50 plus VAT.

Recognised by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), each of the UKRO delivered Education Workshops are awarded Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which attendees will receive whether attending Education Workshops separately or as part of the CPD awarded to a competing Rescue Team within the Rescue Challenges. Furthermore, as a reflection of the assurance each Education Workshop must provide, all UKRO delivered events will be compliant with our stringent Quality Management System (QMS). Actual CPD hours per Education Workshop are currently being finalised, but will be indicated next to each of the Education Workshops once available.
Please contact Pat Sheridan ( should you wish to know any further information about the Medical and Trauma Workshops and Gareth Lloyd (, in order to inform your decision to visit the UKRO events.To book your individual (Non-competitor) attendance at any of the Education Workshops please contact Guy Goodman (, including an indication of the day/time you would prefer to attend each. Note: All Education Workshops, with the exception of the Medical and Trauma Workshops, will require attendees to have full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Education Workshops:

Medical: This ‘Overall’ Medical Education Workshop will be available for all Rescue Team Medics (And Second Medics), irrespective of the Rescue Challenge/Discipline they are competing in.
Non-Competitor attendees at this Education Workshop are eligible for a two (2) hour IFE CPD certificate.
Refer to the Lesson Plan for further details and contact Pat Sheridan ( for delivery dates.
Extrication: Refer to the following link for the three (3) Extrication Rescue Discipline Education Workshops –
Note: The Heavy Rescue Event is unfortunately not available for non-competitors. Lesson Plans for the remaining Extrication Education Workshops are provided or will be available soon.
Non-Competitor attendees at the Extrication Education Workshops are eligible for a one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes IFE CPD certificate.
Contact Gareth Lloyd ( for delivery dates.
Rope: Two (2) Education Workshops/Skills Test Scenarios will be delivered as part of the Rope Rescue Challenge: • Tree Climbing and Rescue Techniques, and • Dual Capable Twin Tension Rope Systems v’s Single Belay Systems.
Note: The Rope Rescue Education Workshops are unfortunately not available for non-competitors.
Trauma: This Education Workshop will include a skills test and technical input in relation to airway management.
Non-Competitor attendees at this Education Workshop are eligible for a forty(40) minutes IFE CPD certificate.
Note: Lesson Plan will be available soon.
Contact Pat Sheridan ( for delivery dates.
USAR: Details to be confirmed.
Water: A series of Education Workshops will be delivered as part of the Water Rescue Challenge, including: • Swiftwater Swim Techniques, • Flipping and Righting Boats, • Paddle Boat Handling, • Hydrology, and • Introduction to the use of XVR as a training aid for Water Rescues.
Note: The Water Rescue Education Workshops are unfortunately not available for non-competitors.

Documents for Challengers

You can find the relevant information for the rescue challenges here. These documents may help you prepare for the rescue challenges at the Festival of Rescue.